Simone Perele

Saga Shorty hipster trusse

color: pink nude

Pickup available at Grønnegade 30

Usually ready in 4 hours



Product information


65C 80C 30C 30C 0C
65D 80D 30D 30D 0D
65E 80E 30DD 30DD 0E
65F 80F 30E 30E 0F
65G 80G 30F 30F 0G
65H 80H 30G 30G 0H
65I 80I 30I 30I 0I
70A 85A 32A 32A 1A
70B 85B 32B 32B 1B
70C 85C 32C 32C 1C
70D 85D 32D 32D 1D
70E 85E 32DD 32DD/E 1E
70F 85F 32E 32DDD/F 1F
70G 85G 32F 32G 1G
70H 85H 32G 32H 1H
70I 85I 32H 32H 1I
70J 85J 32H 32I 1J
75A 90A 34A 34A 2A
75B 90B 34B 34B 2B
75C 90C 34C 34C 2C
75D 90D 34D 34D 2D
75E 90E 34DD 34DD/E 2E
75F 90F 34E 34DDD/F 2F
75G 90G 34F 34G 2G
75H 90H 34G 34H 2H
75J 90J 34H 34I 2J
80A 95A 36A 36A 3A
80B 95B 36B 36B 3B
80C 95C 36C 36C 3C
80D 95D 36D 36D 3D
80E 95E 36DD 36DD/E 3E
80F 95F 36E 36DDD/F 3F
80G 95G 36F 36G 3G
80H 95H 36G 36H 3H
80I 95J 95H 36I 3I
85B 100B 38B 38B 4B
85C 100C 38C 38C 4C
85D 100D 38D 38D 4D
85E 100E 38DD 38DD/E 4E
85F 100F 38E 38DDD/F 4F
85G 100G 38F 38G 4G
85H 100H 38G 38I 4H
90A 105A 40A 40A 5A
90B 105B 40B 40B 5B
90C 105C 40C 40C 5C
90D 105D 40D 40D 5D
90E 105E 40DD 40DD/E 5E
90F 105F 40E 40DDD/F 5F
90G 105G 40F 40G 5G
90H 105H 40G 40H 5H
90I 105I 40H 40I 5I
90J 105J 40I 40J 5J
95A 110A 42A 42A 6A
95B 110B 42B 42B 6B
95C 110C 42C 42C 6C
95D 110D 42D 42D 6D
95E 110E 42DD 42DD/E 6E
95F 110F 42E 42DDD/F 6F
95G 110G 42F 42E 6G
95H 110H 42G 42F 6H
95I 110I 42H 42G 6I
95J 110J 42I 42H 6J
95K 110K 42J 42I 6K
100A 115A 44A 44A 7A
100B 115B 44B 44B 7B
100C 115C 44C 44C 7C
100D 115D 44D 44D 7D
100E 115E 44DD 44DD/E 7E
100F 115F 44E 44DDD/F 7F
100G 115G 44F 44E 7G
100H 115H 44G 44F 7H
100I 115I 44H 44G 7I
100J 115J 44I 44H 7J
105A 120A 46A 46A 8A
105B 120B 46B 46B 8B
105C 120C 46C 46C 8C
105D 120D 46D 46D 8D
105E 120E 46DD 46DD/E 8E
105F 120F 46E 46DDDF 8F
105G 120G 46F 46E 8G
110B 125B 48B 48B 9B
110C 125C 48C 48C 9C
110D 125D 48D 48D 9D
110E 125E 48DD 48DD/E 9E
110F 125F 48E 48DDD/F 9F
110G 125G 48F 48E 9G



32 34 0 4
34 36 2 6 0 1 1
36 38 4 8 1 2 2
38 40 6 10 2 3 3
40 42 8 12 3 4 4
42 44 10 14 4 5 5
44 46 12 16 5 6 X
46 48 14 18 6 X X
48 50 16 20 7 X X
50 52 18 22 8 X X

Extend the life of your favorite lingerie, bikini or swimsuit by following these washing instructions. These recommendations are indicative, but we would like to emphasize that you of course always should follow the washing instructions you can see on the tag on your bikini.



1. To best protect your lingerie, we recommend that you always wash your bras in a laundry bag to prevent underwires from getting stuck or hooks from getting stuck in the washing machine or other clothes.

2. We always recommend that you close the hooks on your bras so they don't get caught in the lace and tear a hole.

3. We always recommend that you wash your lingerie with ordinary color detergent and avoid detergent intended for delicate washing. Remember to look at the wash label to see how high a temperature your lingerie can withstand being washed at. When you wash white lingerie, be aware that detergent intended for white clothes can contribute to turning your lingerie gray - the white detergent is only optimal for clothes that are optically white, but if the fibers are naturally white, detergent will with optical white make it gray. Therefore, we simply recommend that you use ordinary color detergent, also for your white lingerie.



1. Chlorine, salt water and sunscreen can contribute to premature wear of your swimwear over a longer period of time. We always recommend that you rinse your swimwear thoroughly with water after you have finished using it for the day, in order to get all traces of sunscreen and salt out completely, so that no marks form on the fabric.

2. Remember to open various buckles and rinse them thoroughly so that any remaining sand is washed away. In this way, you make sure to extend the life of the buckles and not wear them out unnecessarily, as solidified sand can damage the buckle.

3. When the season is over and your swimwear needs to be washed and packed away until next year, or you simply think it needs a more thorough wash, we recommend that you wash it with quite ordinary color detergent at the number of degrees that is in the brand.

What is the cost of delivery?

All purchases of at least DKK 500 are shipped free of charge. For orders under DKK 500, delivery costs DKK 30.

How quickly are items dispatched?

We strive to dispatch items the same day or the next business day.

Who do you use to ship the items?

We send packages with PostNord's parcel service.

Can I track my items?

Yes, as soon as your shipment is handed over to PostNord, you will receive a tracking number via email.

Can I get same-day delivery?

Yes, in Greater Copenhagen, you can have your items delivered by courier on the same day. Call us at 33 32 00 52 to arrange it.

If an item is out of stock, how can I know how long it will take?

As a general rule, we send an email with the expected delivery time if the item is out of stock. You are also welcome to inquire. Send us an email at or use the contact form by the product, and we will respond as quickly as possible regarding the delivery time.

Where do you deliver?

In the webshop, you can order items for delivery worldwide. If your country cannot be selected when you add the item to your cart, please send an email to