Marjolaine, the French family firm, has a deep passion for silk lingerie, created with genuine savoir-faire and "Douceur, fluidité et dentelle" (softness, fluidity, and lace). Marjolaine is particularly renowned for its timeless signature styles like the ODA nightgown or ODON top, as well as their more intricately decorated pieces adorned with beautiful hand-applied Calais lace. All silk is meticulously hand-cut to perfection, and the family possesses great expertise in working with the exquisite Calais lace, which is an art form in itself. Attention to detail is paramount, with all lace applied by hand with precision. The profound love for craftsmanship is a shared family passion, passed down through generations, with the founder's daughter and granddaughter now at the helm of the company, continuing to carry forward this passion.

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