Italian luxury at its finest. The family-owned fashion house Missoni was founded in 1953 by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni, who opened a local knitting workshop in the small Italian town of Gallarate. The couple's love for textiles and the craft of knitting grew into a deep passion, and in 1958 they presented their first official collection under the name Missoni. Since then, the brand has gained significant international recognition for its high quality and stunning designs.

Missoni is particularly renowned for its zigzag-patterned knit fabrics in a myriad of adventurous color combinations, each more beautiful than the last. The dazzling colors in zigzag patterns form the cornerstone of nearly all their designs. Despite the brand's considerable growth from its humble beginnings in a small knitting workshop, Missoni maintains the same respect for craftsmanship and passion that permeates every single style to this day.