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why book an appointment for a lingerie fitting?

We know that finding the perfect lingerie can be overwhelming for many. In fact, according to a study Marie Jo has done, only 30% of all women wear the right bra size. There are a multitude of sizes and shapes, and even the smallest detail on the angle of the underwire, the cut of the cups, the height of the middle piece or the direction of the seams can have a great impact on the expression of the bust and not least the comfort. Then add that the body and thus the bosom changes throughout life. Therefore, it can be somewhat more difficult to find the right bra than, for example, the right t-shirt, and for the same reason it can be a good idea to make an appointment for a fitting, which is a service we offer free of charge.

Book an appointment for a fitting

At ANNE SAX, all our experienced lingerie stylists have in-depth knowledge of all the technical details, just as we also know that no two women are the same and that bodies change over time. By booking an appointment for a fitting, you get a full hour where one of our well-trained lingerie stylists has full focus on you. There is peace and plenty of time for you to talk through your needs and the stylist can meet you right where you are. We know that it can be vulnerable for many to stand in lingerie in front of a "stranger", but we do our best to create a safe and pleasant atmosphere both in and outside the fitting room. With us, everyone is welcome and no one is wrong.

For a fitting, we will first spend the time on a small conversation with you, where we will learn more about your needs and wishes. Next, we will spend time finding the right bra size and shape. An incorrect bra size can result in sore shoulders and chafing marks, as well as affecting body posture and causing the bust to sink further down. It shouldn't hurt or be bothersome to wear a bra, and with the right size, you will find that the bra feels comfortable and that you will forget you are wearing it during the day. With us, the ceiling is high and we know that comfort and design must go hand in hand. Therefore, there is always room for you to say "it's not right for me" and then we simply find some new options for you. Our ultimate goal is that you leave here with a straight back, a smile on your face and that you have had a good experience.

You can book a general fitting if you just want to refresh your everyday lingerie wardrobe, but you can also book a bridal fitting, for example. For the bridal fitting, we will help you find the exact lingerie or bra solution that fits under your wedding dress. We have many options, both for low back, bare shoulders, deep cut in the front or something completely different, just as we also have a wealth of invisible panties, shapewear, fine garters and adorable bridal lingerie with lots of lace. It might be an idea to bring your wedding dress with you, or simply take a picture of you wearing it, so that we can find the solutions that work under your particular dress.

Another option is also to book a postpartum fitting. The body changes throughout life, and it is no different after breastfeeding or pregnancy. Maybe you changed the size? Maybe we need to find a brand new bra shape for you? Regardless, you can be sure to be met with understanding, professionalism and warmth, and we will do our best to find beautiful, comfortable and delicious lingerie for you that you will be happy with.

You are of course always welcome in the store and welcome to try and get help and guidance, even if you have not booked an appointment. However, there can be busy times and although we always do our best to provide the best possible immediate assistance, our stylists may be required to serve several people at once. We hope to see you soon in Grønnegade.

Book an appointment for a fitting